Wakatobi - Ikelite

Benny in his hole

Every time I see this image it takes me back to the capture. I remember making a mental note that the Blenny is so dark in color that the coral might fool my light meter and mess up the exposure. If you look in the eye you can see the "Catchlight" from my Ikelite strobe (Ikelite uses circular, not linear flash tubes for an even beam). On this trip i met Iyad Sulayman, one of my first Students who flew from Ukraine to meet me. In the seven years since then he has made an art of shooting Blennys. This image is sharp, clean, and nice- but if you want to see the many faces of Blennys throughout the world- look up Iyad Sulayman Photography and get ready for a treat!

From Ikelite Photo school